• Maxwell DiMarco

Working Hard? You Bet!

I'm sure all of us have a sort of "escape." Something we watch or play or do in our free-time to take our mind off of the world's problems. But with us being able to work from home, I've found that, in a way, work can actually serve the same purpose... maybe even a little bit better!

Yes, work may be more "tedious" from time to time, but when you're working hard, you're completely focused on that task. And every time I come down to the office, for that time I'm working, everything seems like business as usual (get it :D).

Let it never be said that working is easy, or even always fun. But making things for others is so much more rewarding than sitting around doing nothing. You have a goal to reach, a deadline to meet, something to do. And right now, that's more valuable than ever, and has made me so grateful to be part of this community where I can provide you all entertainment while staying safe ^_^

Fun fact, did you know that we actually have started filming a month's worth of Seriously Cereals in a day? It's true! And let me tell you, filming those is an escape like no other; it's nice how making happy, friendly content can make you happy, too, isn't it? ^_^

Speaking of work, I should probably get back to it now; I've got a lot of audio editing to do today! Take care everyone, and keep working hard :)


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