• Maxwell DiMarco

What's Popping? (Popcorn Cereal!)

I think most of us can agree that movie night just isn't the same without a big bowl of popcorn. But would you believe that popcorn also once had a place in the morning, as well?

This week, Brianne and I are going back to the 1630s, and trying the first cereal ever made.

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The history of popcorn as a breakfast cereal is honestly very fascinating! And though many dismiss "popcorn cereal" as a myth, the New York Times and several other sources agree that, in the 1630s, the Wampanoag tribe introduced colonists to popped corn, with this being one of the ways it was enjoyed :)

Going into this episode, I was a bit skeptical, but this was certainly an interesting experience! Have you tried popcorn cereal? Post a comment on this blog, and you'll get a response within 24 hours. I'm always happy to chat ^_^

Have a great week, everyone, and I'll talk with you again soon :)


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