• Maxwell DiMarco

Walks Are Worthwhile On Wednesdays! ^_^

Did you know that top authorities actually recommend going on walks if you can during these times? It's true! If you live in a rural area, going on daily, or even weekly walks can do wonders for your health, both physically and mentally ^_^

Now me, I spend most of my time at home as is; watching YouTube videos and all that ;D But I've honestly been surprised how much a walk every now and then (especially when we can take them daily) has helped me feel safer about this whole situation.

Yes, of course times can be scary right now. But this is something that doesn't spread via the air, and people are taking precautions to make sure it doesn't spread (well, smart people... looking at you, random person who yelled at my mom for wearing a mask in Walmart -_-;). And just having some reassurance that the world is still there helps remind you that, in the end of the day, we will get through this :)

I know not everyone is in an area where social distancing allows them to walk. And I know there are people in much more difficult situations than me right now. But I want you all to know that there are ways to have fun in this day and age, even with all the talking and whatnot. Staying home and staying safe doesn't mean you have to hide yourself away from the world ^_^ Even if you can't go for walks, talk with friends on social media! Invite them to an online chat room, or play some online games with them! Believe me, it helps tremendously :)

This may not be relevant to Seriously Cereal itself, but as our message is spreading love and acceptance, I think this fits the bill for sharing love with the world very well <3

Take care of yourselves, everyone. We'll continue working hard to make this quarantine just a little bit better for everyone ^_^


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