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Tuesday Is Question Time! (Remaining Hot Cereals?)

So I had a fun idea today: What if, like Seriously Cereal posts every Saturday, I made a specific kind of blog post for each day? I mean, I already do that with Monday and the episode links, and that way you'd all know what to expect ^_^

So first off (if you don't count Monday) is Tuesday, which I thought would be best as the weekly question post! This way everyone would have ample time to answer at their own pace, while not having to scour the posts to find the most recent question :) And for this week's question, I'd like to ask all of you about how we should approach reviewing the remaining hot cereals.

As many of you know, we buy many of our cereals quite a ways in advance before filming (don't worry, they're all kept unopened and perfectly fresh). So even though we reliably buy more right now, we actually still have quite a few cereals waiting to be filmed! And many of those cereals happen to be - you guessed it - hot cereals.

But once again, as you all know (sorry, I love being redundant XD), Winter has pretty much run its course at this point. The days are getting longer and the sun is coming out, which means cereal connoisseurs are no longer required to unanimously become Spooners to keep out the Wintertime cold; the Snackers are back in town! And now that the sun is shining, it won't be long until the oatmeals and cream of wheats give up the spotlight until next Winter.

So TL;DR: we need to film those freakin' warm cereal episodes XD

Question is, though, how should we distribute these episodes? Should we prioritize filming/releasing hot cereal episodes while the cold's still hanging on, or should we spread them out with regular cereals for a bit more variety? Personally, I'm unsure on the matter, which is why I'd love to hear your opinion ^_^

Please let me know what you think we should do in the comments on this post; next Tuesday, I'll update you all with the direction we're going to take based on what you all say :)

Speaking of which, since the last question didn't get any replies (which, again, is also perfectly fine ^_^), Jennifer and I made the decision to classify reviews of non-cereal products as their own kind of episode. These will still follow the general format of Seriously Cereal, so this isn't quite another VS Mode, but we thought they were different enough to warrant their own title: "Seriously (Sorta) Cereal" :D

Thank you all again for continuing to support this show; let me know what you think of this new schedule for posts, and tell me how you think we should approach our remaining reviews for hot cereals. Take care, everyone, and I'll talk with you again tomorrow ^_^


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