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The First Day of the Best Creative Week

Well, I can't say I wanted this week's post to once again be delayed...but, if one of these blogposts has to wind up on Monday, you can bet I'll be referencing our most famous Monday-based series ;)

So! With the technical issues resolved, and us having met to figure out how to approach guest episodes in the future, we've decided to go ahead and release our two new guest episodes to all of you. And I'm definitely happy that we did so, because the guest this time is one of my good friends from my Ghost Sniffers, Inc. days: Kristie! ^_^

Now, as luck would have it, while none of us actually have our Ghost Sniffers superpowers in real-life, Kristie actually does have a power of her own: Namely, the ability to eat peanuts XD So for today's episode, she's joining Brianne - who shares this mystical superpower of "not having a peanut allergy" - to try two varieties of one of the most popular allergen-unsafe cereals on the market: Reese's Puffs! And first up is none other than: Reese's Big Puffs!

They're like Reese's Puffs... but BIG :D

Now, Reese's Puffs have recently become something of a meme online; I wouldn't be surprised if some of you might remember this cereal solely from their rap songs featured in commercials for the original variety (yes, rap songs; plural). Me, though, when I think of Reese's, I think of two things: One, that I can't eat them ^_^; And two, that Reese's Pieces helped me learn to count by fives via a handy little book.

No, I'm serious. All of what I mentioned are real things XD

Okay okay, but we're not talking about memes or branded educational books, we're talking about Reese's Big Puffs... or, rather, Kristie and Brianne are! So if you'd like to see what they thought of this "way way way bigger" variety of this Reese's jumbo-sized classic, you can check out the episode at ^_^

As for our next cereal? Well, it might not be as BIG a deal as Big Puffs, but it's certainly a creative variation that we just couldn't pass up: Reese's Puffs Peanut Butter Bunnies! <3

If you couldn't guess, this was a limited edition variety of the cereal. Don't worry though, all our cereals are sealed tight until we review them, so these bunnies definitely didn't go bad :)

I mean what would that even look like-- bad bunnies? What, would they try to use lethal cuteness on me? Oooo, very scary XP

Okay okay, but you might be wondering if this particular variation has any differences from regular old Reese's Puffs. And while the answer is obviously "yes, it has adorable bunnies! ;D" I guess we can look into this to see if there's any proper changes to the flavor... or, at least, Brianne and Kristie can <3

You can see the full episode at; and who knows? Maybe there will even be a long-eared special guest featured somewhere in the video... ^_^

Changing it up a little bit, this week's questions are all about travel. Our first question is: "Have you ever visited a mountain?" Me, I have-- I've gone to Mount Rainier several times, in fact, both for filming and just because... well, it's a mountain that has a lot of snow! Who wouldn't want to go there! ^_^

And as for our second question, we wanted to know: "If you went to the moon and could only take two cereals, which would they be?" Me, off the top of my head, would probably pick Corn Chex and Captain Crunch for some flavor variety. I don't really know if those choices would be the best for eating in low gravity, but let's just say they're in space food form or something XD

If you'd like to share your thoughts on these questions or want to ask me anything regarding Seriously Cereal, don't hesitate to write a comment below! I really do love talking with all of you, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have ^_^ I answer all posts within 24 hours, so you can also guarantee a quick response :)

And with that, that's all I've got to talk about this week! Hope you all had a great weekend, and remember: Monday doesn't have to be a day you dread. Monday can be the first day, in the best creative week of your life. Take care, everyone ^_^

...Wait this isn't Hello Monday... eh, it's still true though XD


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