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Some All-New, Charming Charms!

So, what new takes on classic cereals do we have on the menu this week? And do they or do they not have marshmallows? :P

Well as luck would have it, the cereal Brianne and I are looking not only features those little "marshmallow" candies we all know and love, but also has the new addition of rice-based "marshmallow clusters!" And that cereal is none other than Lucky Charms... with Marshmallow Clusters.

I mean hey, nothing wrong with being straightforward with what you'll be getting :)

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So, I know that a lot of people say that the proper cereal of Lucky Charms can be a bit bland on its own. And while I understand that, I personally always liked the contrast between the "plain" oat-flavor and the sweetness of the marshmallows. They balance eachother out, and the result is a highly enjoyable dessert cereal ^_^

Still, it would appear General Mills is trying their hand at "sweetening the deal," so to speak! So for this take on their classic cereal, they've swapped out their signature oat pieces - or, "oatbits" - for small clusters of rice cereal, held together with the slightest bit of sticky marshmallow goodness. Almost like rice krispies, but--well, without calling them that, because this isn't made by Kellogg's! XD

Still, it's certainly an interesting concept, and going in I was curious whether or not it would be that much of an improvement. I'm curious to hear what you all thought, as well! If you've tried this cereal, which do you prefer: Marshmallow Clusters, or original Lucky Charms? Let me know in the comments on this blog post, and I'll respond within 24 hours! I'm always happy to chat ^_^

Anyway, have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone; I'll talk with you again soon :)


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