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Shopping Strangeness o_o

The most important thing people can do right now is - as you all know by now - "Stay home, and stay safe." But sometimes, a shopping trip - or "supply run" if you want to be over-dramatic :P - is simply unavoidable. And today was one such day, as we had run out of Tylenol; obviously, staying healthy is top priority right now, and we'd really prefer not to come down with a cold as things are ^_^;

So, as they always do, Brianne and Jennifer put on their masks (which are still available for free if you want one for you or anyone in your household, btw), and headed out to the store. No, we don't go together, as another precaution people have advised is going in smaller groups. And as someone who doesn't usually go out as is... yeah, I've been fine with that XD

Nevertheless, upon coming home, Jennifer had some weird stories to tell, and I just had to share them with all of you. Here in Port Orchard, our stores operate about the same as always, excluding the earlier closing times, and the customers, which are... well, y'know :/ But for this particular trip, Jennifer and Brianne headed out to Gig Harbor, hoping those stores would be a bit less hectic, and let me tell you: Gig Harbor's doing things a whoooole lot differently!

Their store of choice was Target, as that was one we often went to when in the area. And right off the bat, the differences were clear, as there was an hour long wait to get into the store! And why was that? Well, it was because only twenty customers max were allowed in the store at once! And after they were in, you had to wait until they came back out for your turn.

Now, by this point this might be sounding like some weird, Target-branded theme park ride, right? Well, that description actually is pretty accurate, because the precautions don't stop there. While the shopping itself was pretty normal, the checkout had been completely overhauled. There were now markers on the floor, each of them six feet apart, for people to stand while waiting in line! Sort of a visual cue for social distancing, and as a result it took a long time to check out! It should surprise none of you that I was lucky I didn't have to sit through that O_o

But in the end, this story does have a happy ending. As not only did Jennifer and Brianne get the Tylenol, they also managed to find two new products to review on Seriously Cereal! :D One of them was even (Sorta) Cereal materiel: Froot Loops Pop Tarts! What even is that?! XD

Of course, you'll have to wait until next month for those reviews to go up (we haven't even filmed the next batch of episodes tbh :3), but we've actually got some big changes regarding the next batch coming up, so make sure you check back with this blog next week as well!

I hope you enjoy this Saturday's episodes, everyone; talk with you again next Monday ^_^


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