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Seriously Sunday (wait, have I used that title before?)

Regardless of my title-related deja-vu, hello once again! As you all can see, episodes are going to be posting on Sunday for a while now; the goal is to see how the episodes perform compared to when they were posted on Saturday, and then compare the two to see which would be the better choice to carry the "seriously" moniker :)

In short, the more views one day gets compared to another? The more it'll let us know what times you'd prefer episodes to go up ^_^

But enough about schedules, we're here for the cereal! And this week, Brianne and I are looking at two (Sorta) Cereals, back to back! So without further ado, let's jump right into it with our first episode: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats!

I'd say it's a safe guess that you probably had no idea what a "treat" actually meant in this context until you saw the image, huh? After all, isn't Cinnamon Toast Crunch kind of a treat by itself? ;D

But here, they mean "treats" as in "Rice Krispie Treats." And by "Rice Krispie Treats," they really mean: "Cereal bar." Because that's what both of these (Sorta) Cereals are today... two classic cereals, compacted into a delicious bar of cereal!

As someone who grew up snacking on Luna Bars, these definitely brought some of my old favorite flavors to mind-- specifically the Oatmeal Raisin Luna Bars. Those were delicious ^_^ And also surprisingly similar to what we're trying today, as both of them feature a full layer of sweet icing on one side, and a drizzle of that same icing over the other side!

The difference being, of course, that instead of being made of oats and rice flour, these "treats" as they're called are made from its namesake cereal. Which, for the record in case you don't know, are pretty darn sweet on their own! ^_^;

So, does this combo of sweet and cinnamon work, or is it yet another sweetness overload? You can see for yourself at

So, I mentioned before that our second product to review this week is another "treat." So what classic cereal's been given the cereal bar treatment this time? None other than Lucky Charms! Marshmallows and all, our second review is Lucky Charms Treats!

Now, Lucky Charms Treats also resemble Luna Bars, in a way. They resemble the more classic styled bars, where only one side is covered in icing, and the other side is left bare. A good example of this is the classic Lemon Zest Luna Bar, which was probably the one I ate the most growing up.

Although, one thing I don't remember any Luna Bar having, was full on marshmallows mixed in! o_o

Once again, I'm a firm believer that, contrary to popular opinion, marshmallows don't necessarily make everything better. So throwing icing on top of that sweetness? That didn't bode well in my book ^_^;

But first impressions are one thing, how do they taste? Well, we can all find out together at

Alrighty, to offset the sweetness of these treats, this week's questions focus on topics separated from the sugar factor of the cereal world. For one, we all know that cereals are great and all, but have you seen how many mascots there's been over the years? I can't even keep track of them all, and I'm the guy who's supposed to review them! XD How many cereal mascots have you personally seen? I'm genuinely curious to see how many everyone can name working together!

And on the topic of cereal itself, what's your favorite low-sugar cereal? Usually, I'd personally say Corn Chex, but given that I tend to sweeten it afterwards with zero-calorie sweetener, I don't know if it really counts :3 When it comes to cereals I eat completely unsweetened, though? You really can't go wrong with Kix as far as I'm concerned. Those are fantastic <3

If you'd like to talk about this week's questions, or just have a question for me about the show, schedule, or whatever, leave a comment below this post and I'll respond within 24 hours :)

Thanks for reading, everyone, and I'll be back again next week! Talk to you then, and I hope you have a happy Fourth of July!

...Geez, it's already almost the Fourth of July again. How the time flies ^_^;


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