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Seriously? Sugar? :<

When it comes to sugared cereals, I think you all know that I'm pretty picky about what's too much and too little sweetness. Cinnamon or chocolate, with or without marshmallows... there's more of an art to sugary cereals than you'd think, whether enjoying them as a snacker or a spooner!

This week's cereals, however, both have one thing in common: Right off the bat, it's clear they're doing sugared cereals wrong. And this week, Faith and I sat down to see if it was right to judge these books by their cover.

To start off, Kellogg's apparently wants to save Rice Krispies fans a step, with Frosted Krispies!

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Alright, you know I say it every time, I know I say it every time, so to get it out of the way (feel free to say it with me): When I have Rice Krispies, I sprinkle on two packets of zero-calorie sweetener. I've said it so many times it could probably classify as a meme by now XP

Really, I just think that Rice Krispies on their own (i.e. when not made into treats) need a little more flavor. Not to say they're bad without sweetener, but I have my preferences. And as oft-repeated as it is, I like using two packets of zero-calorie sweetener because I can have that sweetness without worrying that it'll turn a quick snack into a full-on dessert.

But for those who just can't be bothered to get a packet of their choice of sugar facsimile, it seems that Kellogg's has heard your voices, and released Frosted Krispies for your convenience.

Me, though, even speaking as someone who prefers rice krispies with two packets of zero-calorie sweetener, this just feels... unnecessary, I guess? :/

Setting aside that most people likely eat their Rice Krispies plain (I mean, there's a reason it's still sold minus zero calorie sweetener), it's really not that much of a hassle to grab a sugar packet or two. And just adding basic cereal sweetener means that people like me who prefer a different sugar stand-in can't pick and choose anymore. I guess now people have a choice between sweetened and unsweetened, but... if we had sugar at home, we've already had that choice literally for decades ^_^;

I'll just stick with the zero calorie sweetener, thanks :3

But apparently Kellogg's was on a bit of a sugar high recently, so their questionable additions to classic cereals didn't stop there. And the next cereal for the week is arguably an even worse offender: Frosted Flakes... with Marshmallows.

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I mean... of all the cereals to add marshmallows to, who asked for this? o_o

Frosted Flakes is already one of the sweetest cereals out there; it's literally called "Frosted Flakes!" I think it's safe to say only people with a sweet-tooth the size of a stalagmite would want them to be sweeter than that, right? But, apparently Kellogg's thinks catering to this hypothetical demographic of cavity cravers is a smart business move, so... here they are, I guess?

Geez, poor Tony... seems like our favorite tiger just can't find the right battleplan for branching out into new cereal variations. But hey, at least he can take comfort in that his original cereal will always be one of the all-time grrrrrreats :)

Alright, just a friendly reminder as we once more enter into the spookiest month of the year: Starting next week, we'll be switching back to one episode a week until our monthly pledge total can return to $200. Episodes will now go up only on Saturday again, so be sure to check back then for the latest uploads :)

But definitely don't worry that you won't get as many strange and bizarre cereals this Halloween; we've already got some seriously spooky stuff in store. Keep an eye out for them throughout October... if you dare ;D

One last time, have an excellent Seriously Sunday, everyone; I'll talk to you again soon ^_^


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