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Seriously (Sorta) VS Mode! + Searchlight Cereal Found! (Thank you!)

This week, we're trying something new. And first off, don't worry, it's not more experimenting with different posting times. Yet ;)

What we're actually trying, is something of a new type of episode. Because the two (Sorta) Cereals Jennifer and I filmed actually are very similar this time around. Both of them are Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats, and both of them have an extra sweet (as in, sweeter than usual, which is saying something) component flavor added to their basic formula.

One of them also happened to share a flavor with another cereal from Kellogg's... but I'll save that for later in this post :3

Anyway, in light of these two products being very similar, I proposed a sort of pseudo versus mode. We'd review both (Sorta) Cereals, and then compare their scores at the end of the second episode posted, to see which truly is the best Rice Krispie Treat!

Or, at least, among the store-bought ones. Homemade treats beat store-bought ones any day, no doubt ^_^

So without further ado, let's go over this week's two (Sorta) competitors! And if you're coming here after watching the episodes, scroll to the bottom for some great news regarding Seriously Cereal Searchlight! :D

The first treat we tried, and the first to go up today, might look familiar to some of you, and for good reason! You've seen it as a Krispie Treat Popper, and as a highly elusive cereal, but now they've made a classic treat variety: It's Cookies & Creme Rice Krispie Treats!

Or, I guess, Cookies *N* Creme? ...Eh, forget it; they're Oreo flavored, let's move on :P

So, looking at the box, you can tell there's quite a bit going on with this particular treat! Little chocolate cookie bits on top (and mixed in with the regular rice krispies), and not just a full layer of icing on the bottom, but drizzled over the cookie bits on top, too! Geez, you'd think rice krispies held together by melted marshmallows would be sugary enough! ^_^;

But hey, you all know my cereal tastes by now: If something combines two different kinds of "sweet" as opposed to just throwing sugary marshmallows on equally sugary Frosted Flakes, it can often make a great contrast, and a more unique dessert because of it! And hey, it's kind of hard to mess up anything based off of Oreos, right?

...You know, while writing this, I just remembered that Rice Krispie Treats originally had a fourth mascot, and now it's kind of bugging me where he went. Any of you ever wonder where mascots go when they're removed from the regular lineup? It's weird to think about; did he like, go on another space mission?

Ahem-- anyway, mysteriously disappearing cereal elves aside, you can see how this treat captured the generic-named flavor of milk's favorite cookie right here:

And now, for the second treat of the day! Much more colorful than Not-Oreo Treats and with a way more gaudy box: It's Vanilla Krispie Treats with sprinkles!

Yeah, yeah, I know they call it "Birthday Cake." But honestly, that "flavor" has always kind of bugged me, for one simple reason:

What the heck kind of flavor is "birthday cake?" Why not just call it cake? It's not like it's some funfetti facsimile or whatever; even in products where there actually is bits of cake in it, it's always just plain, basic vanilla cake! And I might like vanilla cake, but why include "birthday" at all if that's all it is? Seriously, this flavor is just misleading! Curse you, marketing gimmicks!!! >_<

Well, at the very least in this one's case, they included some sprinkles to give it that vibrant birthday/party feel. Though, compared to legally distinct Oreo Treats, the fact that this was basically just basic sweetness added to a naturally sweet Krispie Treat made me a bit more nervous that this one would just be overpowering.

But, the promise of some sort of cake aspect made me cautiously optimistic, so... I guess mission successful, marketing team :P Question is, beyond the misleading title, how did it actually taste? You can see for yourself (and hear me rant about that darn flavor some more) right here:

So, whether you've watched the episodes, or are just scrolling ahead to see what the good news is, it's time for my announcement: Thanks to all of you, we've found the first Seriously Cereal Searchlight cereal! :D

Heh, feels kind of redundant after the first Treat of the day, huh? ;D But yes, thanks to you telling us the best places to find it, we've placed an order for a box of Cookies & Creme Krispies, and will be reviewing it ASAP! ^_^

Our thanks goes out to everyone who helped us pin down the best way to buy this elusive cereal, and with luck, we'll be able to find Minecraft Creeper Crunch in the near future, as well! You all rock, seriously :D

So, given that this is the first time we're doing a multi-episode comparison, I'm curious to hear what you thought of each flavor! Have you tried them? Did you agree with the scores we gave each one? As always, you can let me know via a comment on this blog post, and I'll respond within 24 hours :)

Thanks for reading, everyone, and have a fantastic Seriously Saturday ^_^


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