• Maxwell DiMarco

Seriously (Sorta) Cereal... The Grand Premiere!

So, if anyone missed it, last Tuesday I let you all know that Jennifer and I have made a decision, and reviews of cereal related, non-cereal snacks will be designated as their own kind of episode: Seriously (Sorta) Cereal!

And for today's post, I'd like to announce that the first upload of this style of episode will be posting this very Saturday! :D We went back and forth regarding whether to make give this episode the new label, but we thought sooner rather than later was best ^_^

And speaking of sooner rather than later, by tomorrow we'll also have a proper playlist for these types of episodes, which will also be featured right here on the website! Of course, this playlist may not be as big as the main one for quite a while, but we do already technically have an episode in this style, so it's not like it'll be going to waste :)

Now, bear in mind that this type of episode won't have as many editing effects or fun gimmicks as a VS Mode; they'll be more akin to our Revisited series. But personally, with so many cereal tie-in goodies out there, I think this kind of review is long overdue ^_^

Unfortunately, I'm still not willing to spoil what the first proper (Sorta) Cereal episode will be, but if you were a patron back when we sent out daily emails, you should already know what's coming :D I hope you'll look forward to seeing the first in this new style of episode, because I definitely am ^_^


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