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Seriously Coffee Cereals!

I think it's no secret that I'm a preeeetty big fan of coffee flavors for my favorite treats. Ice cream, jelly beans, it doesn't matter; it might not have the caffeine, but I want those coffee confectioneries in my mouth ASAP! ^_^

And as luck would have it, thanks to a collaboration between Post and Dunkin, we've got not one, but two cereals based off of iconic coffee variations. And today, Faith and I will be trying them ourselves for the first time, for what I personally consider the highlights of this batch of episodes. I promised strange and bizarre flavors this time 'round, and here they are: Let's dive right in :)

Dunkin' Caramel Macchiato Cereal

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Okay, real quick, can I just comment on Dunkin's recent change in name? Like, when Domino's dropped the "Pizza" from their name, it made sense; everyone already just called them "Domino's" to begin with. But literally everyone in this household still defaults to calling "Dunkin" by its original brandname of "Dunkin' Donuts." I mean, awesome alliteration aside, that's what you think of when you think of this brand, right? Donuts, and coffee to go with it that you can "dunk" them in! Dunkin' Donuts rolls off the tongue; "Dunkin'" just feels incomplete by comparison :/

You're still Dunkin' Donuts to me, Dunkin :<

Okay, but semi-relevant rant aside, one of my personal favorite coffee-shop beverages is actually a Caramel Macchiato (was I the only one to be kind of surprised that wasn't trademarked by Starbucks?). I personally prefer my coffee with creme and sugar, so adding caramel to that equation only brings good things ^_^ So for the first coffee flavored cereal of the day to be mimicking that flavor, my expectations were set very high.

I mean, it's caramel and coffee with marshmallows for the whipped creme - complete with light brown stripes for the caramel drizzle! - it'd be very hard to go wrong there :)

Still, admittedly part of me was a bit nervous going into this review, simply because we had two of these cereals to try. And if I didn't like one... well, then I was in for rough times ahead ^_^;

And speaking of the next cereal...!

Dunkin' Mocha Latte Cereal

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...Here it is now: Mocha Latte Cereal! Which, as Faith was quick to bring up, is actually kind of redundant, considering that a "mocha" literally describes a chocolate-flavored latte. So this could have easily just been "Dunkin' Mocha Cereal."

I mean, when you say "mocha," you kind of know it's going to be coffee and chocolate without reminding people of its components, right? |:3

Well, anyway, this cereal seemed about the same as the Caramel Macchiato cereal, just swapping out the caramel flavor for chocolate. And hey, that sounds fine to me; coffee and chocolate are already fantastic compliments to eachother. That and a nice slice of coffee cake... mmmmmmm... now I want that to be the next cereal flavor.

One thing I noticed that was kind of bizarre, though, was that the marshmallows in this "mocha" cereal still had light brown stripes from the previous cereal, as opposed to the dark brown you'd expect from a chocolate drizzle. Kind of confused why they chose that, to be honest; I mean, their chosen marshmallows are literally just white tablets; those can't be that hard to incorporate other colors into, right?

But eh, it's the taste that really matters in the end, I'd say. And in the case of both of these cereals, I definitely found something unique.

Alright, just a friendly reminder that, after next week, we'll be going back to just one upload a week, on Saturday. We've got some very unique choices lined up for the next recording session, though, so don't think for a second this means the cereal choices will get blander! If anything, they're only going to get stranger... we're serious about finding the strangest cereals ;D

Happy Seriously Sunday, everyone; I'll speak with you again in October... when things will be getting seriously spooky ^_^


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