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Seriously Cereal Does Seasonal Crockery! :D

Well, this is definitely a first: For this holiday season, Kellogg's put out two special gift sets! Themed around Froot Loops and Rice Krispies, these sets include a totally unique bowl and cup themed around the cereal-- they even include a little box of the cereal so you can test out your new crockery firsthand! Though the holiday season might be coming to a close, we just couldn't pass up this incredibly unique set of merchandise ^_^

So, without further ado, it's our first ever non-edible Sorta Cereal: Kellogg's Holiday Gift Sets!

Episode link:

Now, when reviewing these gift sets, rating the cereals were not very high on our priorities. After all, we already reviewed the cereals in question in their own episodes! ;D The real stars of the show were the custom bowls and cups; what people would actually be able to use for more than one meal. And being a family full of cereal fiends, it's safe to say we know how to make a good cereal bowl ;D

Fortunately, these gift sets definitely don't miss the mark. I'd say this would be a wonderful gift to give to any cereal lovers in your family-- even setting aside the holidays, these just have so much charm! A bowl with someone's favorite cereal on it is just so appealing; really, I'm surprised it took so long for these to become a thing! Where's my Cap'n Crunch crockery, right? XD

All in all, I think this was a super unique episode to close off the year. And I really do hope this concept gets explored further! Kelloggs, General Mills, whatever, I want to see more fun cereal bowls in stores! Maybe with time, we'll actually get cereal-themed silverware with which to enjoy these cereals!

Seriously though, that kind of felt like an oversight :P

Thank you all so much for watching and supporting Seriously Cereal throughout 2020; next year we'll be announcing some big news for the brand, so make sure to pay stick around to hear all the cool additions the show will be seeing in 2021! And to all my active Seriously Cereal supporters, keep an eye on your inbox; the December certificate is nearly complete, and will be sent your way in the very near future :)

Anyway, that's it for this week. If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to sign in and leave a comment below. And if you're a supporter, keep your eyes on your inbox these upcoming days; December's certificate is nearly complete, and it's sure to bring some holiday cheer into your home ^_^

Have a fantastic Seriously Saturday, and a Happy New Year; I'll talk with you again soon :)


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