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Seriously Busy! ^_^;

Today's Seriously Saturday is a bit more "serious business" than usual! Because not only are this week's episodes posting today, but this whole week we've been preparing for the premiere of a short film over at BlueFlix Cinema! There's been a lot of stuff to juggle, needless to say.

But, anyway, this is a Seriously Cereal blog, so let's keep things on topic, right? Without further ado, let's jump into this week's cereals... starting off Strawberry Chocolate Turtle Splash! :D

Look at that adorable turtle! <3

Now, some observant viewers might recognize the brand of this particular cereal, and you'd be right to; one of our most significant reviews for us was our look at Gorilla Munch, which, like Turtle Splash, is an Envirokidz brand! This one in particular aims to help preserve Sea Turtles; very important for me, given that one of my nicknames around the campus is, in fact, "Turtle!"

It's because I always wear a backback, you see XD

So, the cause is definitely admirable, but how's the cereal itself? Well, you can see for yourself at, and find out how you can help save the turtles today! ^_^

The second cereal we're looking at this week is also a revisiting of a familiar brand. In this case, though, it's less another cereal by the same company, and more of making a pre-existing cereal a bit... well, way more sugary. It's Oreo Os, Mega Stuf!

And so, the grammatical errors continue tenfold! ^_^;

I've said it before and I'll say it again: apostrophe s is NOT how you make something plural! Just add an "S!" or an "es!" It's not that hard, people! DX And why is "Stuf" missing an F?! Geez la wheez, Post! This isn't just confusing for kids, this is aggravating for adults as well! Nobody wins! >:(

...But, anyway, grammar police aside... basically, this is Oreo.. "O's" attempt to replicate the real Oreo's "Mega Stuffed' Oreos. And the way they thought to do that is... adding marshmallows.

...Well, okay! Seems like adding marshmallows to a chocolate-y cereal based on super sugary cookies is a recipe for a cavity, but on Seriously Cereal it's our job to risk our sweet tooths for the good of all of you!

So how does this super sweet variation replicate its already super sweet cookie counterpart? Take a look for yourself at! :)

Alright, that's all I have to say about today's episodes! Today's questions are: "Have you ever gotten a prize or mailed away for one from a cereal box?" and "If you drew an apple hero, what would it look like?" Leave a comment with your answers below this post, and I'll respond within 24 hours :)

Have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone! Thanks for reading ^_^


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