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Seriously About Cereal... and Other Stuff, Too?

So! If you're reading this, I assume that you've already watched the latest episodes of Seriously Cereal, one of which was a review of the official Lucky Charms Marshmallows :)

If you haven't, then spoiler alert: They were marshmallows, which meant they were delicious ^_^

Now, as my patrons are already aware, we actually have another non-cereal review coming up in the future! And given people's universal love of cereal, there's no doubt that there's going to be more non-cereal products trying to replicate classic cereal flavors. So, this week I thought I'd ask your advice regarding how we should approach these non-cereal cereal products:

Should we leave these episodes as the occasional one-off reviews alongside the regular episodes?

Or should we turn non-cereal reviews into its own kind of Seriously Cereal episode, in the same vein of VS Mode?

In my personal opinion, I believe that we should establish cereal tie-in reviews are their own kind of episode, given that it does deviate from what's expected of Seriously Cereal; Snackers and Spooners, our five-spoon rating system, etc. But with this new, fully public means of posting, I wanted to ask all of you what you'd prefer we do! I really do value your input on these matters (it's why we switched to the blog, after all), and would love to hear your opinions on how we should proceed :)

You can post your thoughts on the matter in the comments for this post :) Bear in mind that these comments will be public to everyone, so try not to use any inside-jokes only you and me will get ;D I'm open to all feedback, so honesty is key here!

Thanks for reading, and I'll check back over the course of the week to see your responses ^_^


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