• Maxwell DiMarco

See You Next Week ^_^

So, 2021 is finally here. And with a new year, comes some big changes for future Seriously Cereal episodes. And don't worry: New eps will still post every weekend, as always. Seriously Saturday and/or Sunday is still on! ;D

However, this week us DiMarcos have been pretty busy! Editing and scoring films, drawing all-new illustrations, scheduling uploads and managing our sales during the hectic holiday season. And that means, we've only now had any time to actually sit down and go through the next batch of cereals! Curse you, holiday season!

I'm sorry I don't mean that please don't skip our house Santa D:

Still, obviously this isn't ideal for any of us. And I'm sorry that we don't have an episode today. But rest assured, regular Seriously Cereal uploads will resume next Saturday, and we've got another weird and wacky batch of cereals to look at... and that's not even getting into the actual aforementioned big changes! So exciting! ^_^

Thank you for being patient with us. I promise, our 2021 debut will be more than worth the wait :)


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