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"Remember The 80s?"

Who, me? Nah, but I am a 90s kid (November 1999 represent! ;D).

Apparently, though, Golden Grahams wants to provide a taste of what it was like to live in that neon, disco-filled era, with their new variation: Golden Grahams Retro Recipe!

Episode link:

Now, notice how I say "new variation." You might be asking yourself: "But wait a second ya' sloth man, isn't this just the original 80s recipe for Golden Grahams?" And to that... well, even the box says no! ^_^;

Yes, indeed, despite the nostalgia bait back of the box (woo, alliteration!), this new flavor is merely inspired by Golden Graham's original recipe. And the funny thing is, they didn't change this recipe until 2016, so even a 90s kid like me knows the difference!

...Hope I don't annoy any actual 90s kids with this joke :P

But yeah, this could just have easily been marketed to 2000s kids, 90s kids, even 70s kids-- Golden Grahams actually debuted in 1975! Yet, despite it being basically wrong in every sense, somebody really wanted to cash in on that nostalgia... and there's nothing wrong with nostalgia, but still! Come on, General Mills. There's a time and place for nostalgia, and this is definitely not one of them. You've made me a very irritable sloth with your shenanigans >:(

Mislead marketing aside, this was definitely quite the way to kick off November, wasn't it? Faith and I will be looking at more cereal variations on the way in these upcoming weeks, so definitely stay tuned; and if you're a supporter, keep an eye on your email! You may or may not see the debut of a certain carrot character in the near future...! ;)

Anyway, have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone! If you have any questions, sign in and let me know in the comments for this post! Take care, and I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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