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Reach For The Stars! (Galactic Lucky Charms)

For our final episode of Summertime cereals, we chose a theme that's a little unorthodox, but definitely is held near and dear to our hearts in this household: Summer stargazing! When the air is clear, the night's a nice, warm temperature, and you can look up and see all the stars and constellations shimmering above ^_^

And as it turns out, we found a cereal that perfectly reflects that theme: Galactic Lucky Charms!

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A limited edition variation of Lucky Charms released this Summer, General Mills really went all-out with its marshmallows this time! Not only are there all the current shapes, but they added three more shapes on top of that: A time-traveling rocket ship, and two kinds of "cloning planets!"

...Yeah, we weren't quite sure what a "cloning planet" was, either, but it's their official description, so... their words, not mine! ;D

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Have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone! I'll talk with you again soon :)


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