• Maxwell DiMarco

Quick Update

Hey, everybody, just wanted to make a post to let you know what's up; first, though, I should stress, that this isn't a "oh my gosh, everything's going wrong panic now!!1!" kind of post. We're doing fine over here, and this week's episodes are already done :) What we are dealing with, however, are some tough decisions regarding those episodes. Specifically, the special guest episodes.

See, recently we tried a new approach to having guests on the show. Because of the current state of the world, obviously we can't have people come to the campus in person. So, as an alternative, we set up a phone in a Skype call, and had our guest review the cereal(s) of the week alongside one of our hosts from the comfort of their own home.

Thing is, we're currently unsure if the quality is good enough to release these episodes. As we all can attest to, video calls don't exactly allow for the same clarity as being there in person, and we're really going back and forth as to whether to release these guest episodes this week, or just post two regular episodes.

In addition, we've also been indecisive recently regarding which day is truly the best for these episodes to post. Obviously, the weekend is ideal, but we're still unsure whether Saturday or Sunday is truly the best bet. So, to summarize: We've taken today to decide how to approach both of these matters. Two new episodes will post tomorrow, this Sunday.

Sorry for the delay, everyone; hopefully, this will allow us to better deduce how we'll be approaching the series in the future :)


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