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Questions Are Still Open ^_^ + Mystery Cereal #2!

Kicking off this post, just wanted to remind you all that we're still taking questions for our June Q&A episode, where I'll be answering Seriously Cereal questions with a super "surprise" guest! Any SC-related questions asked before June 20th will be accepted, so send them over to and ask away! ^_^

With that said, it's time for the next episode in our month of surprise cereals, and this time, Brianne is joining me as co-host! Two mom episodes in a row, wow! :D

Episode link:

Like last week, I won't give too much away regarding the surprise cereal (it is supposed to be a surprise, after all :3 ), but I can say this: Though it was a bit more obvious what kind of cereal we were putting in our faces this time 'round, I was definitely surprised with how it handled its new flavor! Especially since we've tried a similar take on this concept a while ago. Pretty interesting, I have to say ^_^

Before I go, I should also state that you can also submit questions on any of the three Surprise Cereal blog posts; as always, I check back here every day, so don't worry that asking this way will make your questions be overlooked. I'm always happy to read posts from people keeping up with the blog :)

I hope you have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone, and I hope to talk with you again soon ^_^


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