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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Is the Life ;) (+August Certificate!)

Hello hello, it's Seriously Saturday yet again! And it's also time once more for the moms to take over for a week, bringing us the cereals that no mortal Maxwell was meant to lay eyes upon! ...Or, at least taste, due to his peanut allergies.

It's a very specific level of forbidden :P

But yes, this week Jennifer and Brianne are trying Chocolate Peanut Butter Corn Pops! And after that, just to make it an even two, they also gave Chocolate Life a try :) And a reminder for all you supporters reaching this: I've sent out August's supporter certificate, so check your email to get your copy now! :D

And with that said, let's get into the episodes proper.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Corn Pops

Episode link:

So, despite appearances, this particular nut-filled cereal does not have a brand deal with Reese's. But, evidently, orange, dark brown and yellow are now the universal symbols for "THIS HAS NUTS IN IT, ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WITH NUT ALLERGIES WHO TASTE THIS CEREAL," so here it is ;D

Can I just say that it is so weird that Corn Pops finally has an alternate flavor? Like, this is one cereal I never thought would have an alternate flavor of any form, yet, here it is, rocking not only peanut butter, but chocolate too, just for the kicks! And not to say that this isn't a good choice for the first step into the world of alternate flavors for Corn Pops, but... it's still kind of surreal to see! ^_^;

Now, obviously I can't try this cereal for myself. So even if it is weird, I'm kind of hoping that there will be more alternate flavors of Corn Pops; a cereal this iconic given a different flavor is something I've got to try for myself :D

Chocolate Life

Episode link:

I'll be honest: When I heard that Jennifer and Brianne had picked Chocolate Life to be their second cereal, I was a little disappointed; after not liking Sugarcookie Life, and then adoring regular Life, I was very eager to be able to see what my first impressions on this new flavor would be like. But, either way, I was able to try it myself later, so ultimately it's all good :)

And hey, sometimes things don't go as planned; that's Life, right? ;)

Okay okay terrible puns aside, in my opinion this was a pretty interesting cereal. Definitely not quite as chocolate-y as I thought it'd be, but in Life's case I think that's a good thing, given its much more subdued flavors in comparison to proper sugary cereals. Compared to the other two Life cereals I've personally tried on the show, I'd put it right between them. Not quite sure what my actual Spoons would be for this one, but hey! I'm not the one reviewing it, so I don't have to worry about that ;D

On a separate note, does anyone else find it odd how small the "Quaker" logo is on the front of Life boxes? Like, you can easily overlook it and not even realize it's the brand-name! Especially considering Quaker's iconic logo, that really stood out to me as a bit odd.

All these cereals getting new flavors, when they don't even seem like the kind of cereal to have alternate flavors in the first place... maybe my dream of a Mashed Potatoes cereal isn't that far off, after all ;)

Trying a new format for these posts this week; what do you think? I wanted to make these posts more streamlined, and also a bit more about my personal thoughts on a cereal as opposed to just a basic breakdown of the episode. Let me know in the comments what you thought; I'd love to hear some feedback from you all :)

And with that, I'm back to work! Have a great Seriously Saturday, and if you're a supporter, don't forget to pick up your monthly certificate! Take care, everyone ^_^


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