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One Last Schedule Shift

I think some of you will get a sense of Deja-Vu from this post, but I think it's for the best to keep you in the loop: I've decided to once more scale back the number of posts to just one a week. Specifically, one on Saturday, where I'll share the links to that week's episodes, as well as talk about the week as a whole.

While I though three posts a week would be more reasonable, I still found myself struggling to find anything to say in regards to that actual day. Ultimately, I think making one post for the week overall would make things much more organized, and insure that no posts are ever "filler" :)

Plus, that way, all things Seriously Cereal will come out over the weekend! And the true codifying of "Seriously Saturday" has been long overdue :D

So from now on, check back here each Saturday for all your Seriously Cereal news and links! Comments will still be open as always, and I'll still check back throughout the week, so if you have questions, cereal suggestions, or just want to talk, I'll be right here ^_^

And, on that note, let's kick this new format off by talking about our latest two episodes released today! <3

For our first episode, we're looking at a cereal from "Mom's Best Cereals," namely Toasted Cinnamon Squares!

Look at those Koalas! So cute ^_^

Annnnd that's all I really know about this cereal, tbh... Brianne and Faith are once again taking centerstage this week, and from someone who didn't try this cereal himself... yeah, kind of just looks like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but with a more generic name. Clearly, what this isn't is "Mom's Best Names" XD

But hey, I've learned from experience that the "off-brand" or "competing" brands can often match or even surpass the original-- see, Strawberry Awake and Fruity Dino Bites (really need to just review that already, huh ^_^; ). So how does this one hold up, and is it worthy of namedropping a non-specific mom? We can all find out together at

In contrast, our second cereal for the week stands out a whole lot more... because, when have you seen a Llama used as a mascot? It's Llama Loops!

But to turn the attention from the adorable mascots (who totally didn't steal their cuteness from Alpacas, btw)... does this cereal look familiar to anyone else? Like, say... a certain Unicorn Cereal, also by Kellogg's?

Yeah, this was raising a lot of red flags for us: Appearance wise, this seemed like Kellogg's taking a page out of Funko's book, and trying to get rid of the remaining Unicorn Cereal via a quick box rebranding. Devious marketing tricks, will you never end?! DX

But hey, that's just appearances. How does this supposedly fruit-flavored cereal taste? ...Well, hopefully not like Llama ^_^ But you can find out for yourself at

Alright, I hope you enjoy this week's episodes! Again, the posts may be scaling back, but I'll still be checking here once a day, so don't hesitate if you have any questions for me! Take care everyone, and I'll see you next Seriously Saturday ^_^


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