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October PRIZES!! (Original Rice Krispies)

Now that we're caught up (thanks, Bowler :P ), it's time to jump right into October's first official episode! And to kick off our new theme, Jennifer and I are finally taking a look at a cereal that's somehow never been reviewed before... none other than classic Rice Krispies! :D

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And speaking of things that have been a long time coming on Seriously Cereal: This month's theme! Since we decided each month would have a unique theme, Jennifer and I have wanted to do a month focused on cereal prizes. That is to say, toys and other goodies that come packed right in the box when you pick up a cereal from the store ^_^

Problem is, most of these prizes now require a lot of work to actually receive! From buying multiple boxes of one cereal, sending in your receipt to a given number... it's all just too much of a hassle! But finally, we managed to find four cereals that come with the prize packed right in the box. And as luck would have it, Rice Krispies was one of those cereals :)

I remember when I was a kid, you could still get things like full-on books in boxes of Cheerios! That's how I was introduced to one of my favorite childhood books, "Click Clack Moo--Cows That Type." A story about a farmer's cows that go on strike because they want electric blankets.

And people wonder where I get my creative spirit from ;D

Have you ever gotten a toy or other prize in a cereal box before? Let me know by commenting on this blog, and I'll respond within 24 hours. Same goes if you have a question for our show's mascots, Spoony & Bowler! They're always happy to chat :)

As always, have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone! I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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