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New Site, New Week, New Eps! (Episode Links)

I'm sure long-time patrons saw this post coming :D But for anyone who doesn't, every Monday I post the links to the most recent episodes, and talk a little bit about each one.

So basically, you can learn what you can expect, and then go right to the episode! How convenient! ^_^

But enough dilly-dallying; time for those episode breakdowns! And first up is none other than Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles!

...Which has a rock 'n' roll theme. Get it? Rock 'n' roll? Because the Flintstones constantly made rock related puns-- okay yeah I think we all get it ^_^;

Anyway, you all know I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to sweet cereals suddenly adding marshmallows; I may have a bit of a sweet tooth, but there's only so much I can have before I start worrying about cavities! o_o So yeah, I was sort of nervous trying these for the first time.

But sometimes different kinds of sweetness can make all the difference, so how does this combination hold up? You can find out for yourself at

And as for our second cereal, this one may look familiar to long-time viewers: We're revisiting the Peeps cereal, and this time, they've got some cute little bunny marshmallows along for the ride! :D

Last time we tried this cereal, we weren't too crazy about it; not to say it was bad, but it was sort of underwhelming. So now that it's made a return with these new seasonal marshmallows front and center, perhaps they've changed up enough that this will finally capture the spirit of our favorite marshmallow treats?

You can see how this seasonal cereal held up at

Take care, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the episodes ^_^


PS: Here's the video thumbnails for you to enjoy :D

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