• Maxwell DiMarco

Mystery Cereal #3 + Last Week for Questions!

Alright, it's the final week of Mystery Cereals, and as such, the last chance for you to send in your Seriously Cereal questions to! If you've ever had pressing questions about how we shoot our episodes, information about our favorite mascots Spoony & Bowler, or even how we find such great cereals, now is the time to ask ^_^

Now, for the actual Mystery Cereal itself....

Episode link:

Have to say, it's tricky keeping basically inside the three minute limit for our Time to Taste segments when blindfolded! And I mean, not like it was easy before - after all, I have a lot to say! ;D - but still... whew!

Without giving our theories away, about right off the bat Faith and I both recognized what kind of cereal we were dealing with. But trying to pinpoint the flavor, on the other hand... that was another story ^_^;

All in all, I think this has been a great theme, and we're not even to the special surprise guest yet! And let me tell you: I think you're all going to really enjoy what we have in store for our Q&A. We've already got several fantastic questions :D

As always, have a fantastic Seriously Saturday, everyone. If you have any further Seriously Cereal questions, you can always feel free to post them on these blog posts. Take care, and I'll talk with you again soon :)


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