• Maxwell DiMarco

Moving to Blue Forge Family! ^_^

Hey, everyone! Just a quick reminder that this week there won't be a new Seriously Cereal episode, as Spoony & Bowler are currently in the process of moving all our current episodes to our new channel for family-friendly content, Blue Forge Family! Or, BFF, for short! :D

Pictured: Spoony and Bowler moving to BFF ;)

Now, don't worry! This doesn't mean that we won't be reviewing a special Fourth of July cereal this year; that will be next Saturday! So this week, take your Seriously Sunday to enjoy some awesome fireworks with your family and the people you love ^_^

Starting next week, we'll be posting Seriously Cereal exclusively on Blue Forge Family; by then all our current episodes will be reuploaded there, so be sure to update your "favorite episodes" playlists! :) You can find Blue Forge Family at

Oh, and if you're a Seriously Cereal supporter: Be sure that you're checking your inbox! I've got this month's certificate almost ready to send out, and it's a real showstopper. And yes, that may or may not be a hint as to what you can expect ;D

Have a great Fourth of July, everyone! And I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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