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Mom Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Froot Loops

To kick off today's blog post, I'd like to give a warm welcome to anyone coming here from the new YouTube links! If you'd like to leave feedback on this week's episodes, feel free to leave a comment below this post, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours ^_^

And second: Happy 31st birthday, Blue Legacy! This month, we're celebrating thirty-one years of bringing people of all kinds together in creativity, and Seriously Cereal is doing its part by sharing some wonderful factoids about our four divisions throughout September!

In addition, this month's certificate for supporters will be a special birthday celebration picture, so if you're a Seriously Cereal supporter, keep an eye on that inbox :D

Now, onto the first two cereals of the month. And rest assured, the cereals we've got prepared this month are only going to get crazier as September progresses! To start us off, we've got Star Wars Mandalorian Cereal, and Tropical Froot Loops-- the latter of which I am very thankful to have been allowed to sit out ^_^; (Thanks moms!)

Star Wars Mandalorian Cereal (ft. The Child)

Episode link:

Now, while obviously I know the plot and characters (I mean... who doesn't at this point XD), believe it or not I have never watched any of the trilogies all the way through. I've watched the last half of the Empire Strikes Back, and the last half of the Phantom Menace. And I know saying this sounds completely insane, but it's true! Somehow, I've never sat down and watched a full Star Wars trilogy to this day! o_o

Now, asking Santa for a Lego Death Star three years in a row... that's another story :3

Brianne and Jennifer, meanwhile, while not necessarily the biggest Star Wars fans themselves, have watched the films all the way through. What they are fans of, however, are adorable creatures with big eyes, which is why "the Child" (formerly known online as "Baby Yoda") from "The Mandalorian" almost immediately endeared itself to them with its overwhelming cuteness. So, when it came time to review the official Mandalorian tie-in cereal? Needless to say, it was clear who'd be reviewing this one ^_^

Alas, I can't really give my own two cents on this cereal, as, like the movies themselves, I've been more interested in trying some of the other cereals we've filmed... and when you see which cereals I'm talking about, I think you'll understand, too ;)

Nevertheless, the force of cute creatures is definitely strong this episode <3

Tropical Froot Loops

Episode link:

Oh, Froot Loops... how I greatly dislike you ^_^;

Okay, maybe they're not that bad, but the fact stands that the artificial fruit flavor that Froot Loops are known for just isn't my cup of tea. ...Or, cup of cereal, I suppose. Regardless, this time 'round Jennifer and Brianne fortunately tried this flavor variation on their own, so I don't have to worry about it. Score one for me! ;D

You know, I've got to admit that it's impressive how many different variations of Froot Loops Kellogg's has come up with for something that literally has "fruit" (albeit intentionally misspelled) in the brand name. Every time I think a cereal is so classic they couldn't possibly change it up... boom! Wild Berry Froot Loops! Strawberry Shortcake Cap'n Crunch! Banana Raisin Bran! And that's not even considering the stand-alone craziness that these mad geniuses have come up with, like Chicken & Waffles Cereal! Where do these ideas even come from?!

...Well, I dunno, but you can find our reviews of these very cereals




and here, respectively :D

Okay okay, shameless self-promotion aside, Tropical Froot Loops are, in fact, a limited edition cereal. So if you want to give 'em a try, be sure to pick them up the next time you're out!

Me, though, I'm cool without it; I'll just let my moms try it in my place :P Happy Seriously Sunday, everyone; I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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