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Mashups Overnight!

Heh, see what I did there? I combined the two titles of these cereals and made a title out of-- okay you get the idea, hey everybody, welcome to today's post! ;D

So, yeah, as you could likely see in the preview image before clicking into this post, we've got a pretty out-there cereal to review today... or rather, two mundane cereals, combined into one. But despite what you might be thinking, the other product we're trying today may be just as wacky in its own regard! So let's dive right in with our first cereal (cereals?) of the week: Frosted Flakes + Froot Loops Mashups!

Now, let me take a moment to answer the question likely on most of your minds right now: What, exactly, is a "mashup?" Well, this is actually a term coined rather recently, and it's usually applied to music. Basically, it's where someone takes two songs, and splices them together. The specific way they're combined, however, can vary; it can mean literally playing them simultaneously, or incorporating multiple aspects of a large number of songs into making something entirely new.

You can probably find quite a number of examples of this online, so look them up if you can; not all of them are winners, but you'd be surprised how many let a creator flex their musical muscles and create a truly awesome track :)

In this context of "mashups," though, the box says it all. It's literally Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes, put together in one bag. No, it's not one box, but each cereal gets its own bag. For better or worse, they're mixed together... and in my case, it's definitely for worse.

I mean, I love Frosted Flakes, but I really dislike Froot Loops! Going into this episode, it frankly seemed like the worst possible combination! But, as always, first impressions aren't always everything, don't judge a cereal by its box, etc. etc. So how does it actually taste? You can find out here:

And now, for our second cereal of the day... and would you look at that, it's a hot cereal! Or, at least, it can be, should you so choose to enjoy it that way: It's Quaker's Overnight Oats!

Sort of like mashups, the idea of Overnight Oats are also a newcomer on the scene. Basically, you prepare this bowl in its entirety the night before, and in the morning, it boasts that you'll have a complete cup of nutritious oatmeal to help you start your day fast and hassle free. Quaker isn't the only brand to be exploring this concept, but for this review we went with their "Blueberry, Banana & Vanilla Bliss" flavor.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd personally describe anything with fruit in it as "bliss" :P

As this meal can be enjoyed both cold and hot, Faith and I will be respectively trying each today. Is this finally the product that gets the dreaded concept of "fruit chunks" right? See for yourself at

Whoo boy, let me tell you guys: This Summer has been tough. Even staying indoors with a fan at my work desk, I can feel the heat numbing my brain... and this is Washington! It isn't supposed to be scorching hot up here! What the heck DX

But hey, at the very least, cereal is always there to start the morning off right, whether in sweltering heat or teeth chattering cold. So if you'll excuse me, I think I'll cool off with some Chex in some nice, healthy milk. Delicious ^_^

Take care, everybody, and have a great Seriously Saturday.


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