• Maxwell DiMarco

Let's Slow Things Down A Peg

So. "Where's yesterday's post?" you may be asking. And unlike the last times a day has been missed, this time was actually not an oversight. In fact, saying it was "missed" isn't exactly accurate anymore; starting this week, I'm once more going to be scaling back on weekly posts.

And why is that? Well, basically, as silly as it may seem... I didn't have anything to talk about! ^_^; Frankly, there's only so many posts I can make about the fifteenth day in a row of audio editing before not only you guys, but I get bored of them! XD

From now on, I'll only make blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Not only will this result in even less backlog if you miss a day or two, but it will also allow me to share actual interesting Seriously Cereal trivia and developments, instead of talking about the same topics and questions week after week.

However! While I may not be posting every day, I will continue to frequently check this blog for new comments or questions on any current posts! So if you want to chat, then feel free to leave a comment below! The blogs may be scaling back, but I'm not going anywhere ^_^

I hope this will lead to more interesting blog posts in the future! Take care, everyone, and I'll post again this Friday :)


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