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Just a "Quik" Post ;)

Whew, getting this week's cereal was no easy task! Much like Quisp, Nesquik Cereal can only be purchased online if you live in America-- or, rather, imported from either Canada or Australia, where it's still sold in stores. Fortunately, our box came through just fine, and Brianne and I are here to review it today! :D

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As I say in the episode, I didn't grow up with Nesquik, due to my allergy to cocoa when I was young. But I am well aware of the brand, and have tried it once or twice since then after I was able to eat chocolate (thanks again, moms ^_^ ). It's definitely a decent chocolate milk, so making it into a chocolate cereal seemed like a no-brainer.

I mean, a cereal based off chocolate milk, that would in theory make a bowl of chocolatey milk by the time you were done with it? Sounds about right to me! :3

Now, one thing I definitely remember from my childhood were Nesquik's "magic straws." Specifically the strawberry flavored ones. Do any of you remember these? They were packs of plastic straws filled with little round spheres of flavoring, which would dissolve as you drank your milk, giving it the advertised flavor in the process.

They never quite had that burst of flavor I was looking for, but I always thought those were a fun idea, personally :)

Another interesting factor about this cereal was, while in general I prefer a stronger, more prominent cocoa flavor in chocolate cereals - our Cocoa Puffs reviews are probably proof enough of that ;) - going into Nesquik Cereal I almost wanted a more artificial flavor.

I mean, how many times have I likened a "berry" cereal to artificial, strawberry-milk flavoring? And to be clear, that's not necessarily a bad thing, either! So going into this, I definitely expected that this would be one of the more mild chocolatey cereals we'd review this month. And looking back... yeah, that was just about right. Though not quite in the way I had expected.

Did any of you drink Nesquik when you were growing up? Do you still drink it today? You can post a comment or share a fun story on this blog, and receive a response from Spoony, Bowler or me within 24 hours. We're always happy to chat :)

Have a great Seriously Saturday everyone, and I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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