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Jennifer: The Sequel! :D

The title says it all: Jennifer and I are back again to review some weird and/or wacky cereals to start your weekend off right! ^_^ This time, we've got a new hot cereal to try, as well as probably our most out-there (Sorta) Cereal to date! I was very curious to try both of these, so you bet I have a lot to talk about today! So let's jump right into it with today's first cereal: Lemon Creme Instant Oatmeal!

First up, as you can see from the box, this particular oatmeal is limited edition; so if you want to try it yourself after watching the episode, I'd say you'd better get to watching, because it likely won't be around for much longer! O_O

And second... I mean, wow. "Lemon Creme Instant Oatmeal." Who even came up with such an out-there flavor? Frankly, I had not idea going into this how an oatmeal based on a notably sour dessert would taste, and whether it'd be the best thing ever, or if I'd be cringing at the aftertaste for the rest of the month. We've reviewed a lot of cereals, but out of all of them, I can't think of any other that gave me such contrasting feelings on how it would taste!

So is our latest hot cereal great or gross? You can see for yourself at ^_^

And as for our next cereal - well, (Sorta) Cereal - it's an episode I've been waiting to get to for a loooooong time: It's... Froot Loops Poptarts! :D

Yes, the most bizarre Pop Tarts flavor ever is finally here, and man oh man was I stoked to try this one!

As well as also filled with impending dread because I can't stand the actual Froot Loops cereal, but still ^_^;

Now, you likely noticed the very colorful illustration of the cereal proper on the Pop Tart the box features. And that's not just for show; this particular Pop Tart has a full six different Froot Loops related designs you can find depicted on the frosting! And personally, having never seen that done with either Pop Tarts or its competition, I thought that was pretty cool, not gonna lie :D

But all the neat designs in the world couldn't fully convince me I'd like these Pop Tarts, so I went into this episode with equal parts excitement and unease. Luckily, as always you don't have to deal with that anticipation! ;D Check out the episode at, and see if cereal and Pop Tarts are the combination we didn't know we wanted.

Alright, that's about it for this week's post! However, if you're a supporter of the show, then make sure to check your email; by the time this blog post goes up, I should have sent you your monthly certificate! ^_^

This week's questions are "Do you have a favorite Roman or Greek Myth?" and "What's your favorite breakfast to start your day?" Leave a comment below this blog post and let me know; I'm always happy to chat with you all, and I respond to comments and/or questions within 24 hours ^_^

Take care of yourselves, everyone! And have a great Seriously Saturday :)


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