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Jennifer's Best Cereal?? (Mom's Best Blueberry Wheatfuls)

For the cereals we looked at this month, you can easily draw comparisons to more generally well-known cereals. But our theme this month wasn't to find the next "Chicken and Waffles Cereal!" Rather to find cereals that stood for a good cause. To see if these alternate takes on well-known favorites were worth giving a try, so you can have some good cereal, while helping out the world :)

And, continuing this sort of cereal counterpart comparison, the last cereal Jennifer and I are looking at this month is - at least on paper - Post's take on Blueberry Mini Wheats: Blueberry Wheatfuls, from Mom's Best!

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Overall, I think we found some real winners this month. And it's been interesting tasting how similar cereals can still have their own unique and differing nuances! Before we go into next month's theme, though, I have a special question for all of you-- yes, you, reading this blog! ;D

What do you want our next theme to be? We've got ideas of our own, of course, but your input has always been so important to us, and we'd love to hear what great themes you can think of! Post a comment below, and I'll write you back within 24 hours! Or, as always, if you have a Seriously Cereal question for me, or Spoony & Bowler, you can post on this blog, as well! We're always happy to chat ^_^

As always, have a fantastic Seriously Saturday everyone! Can't wait to hear your ideas, and I'll talk with you again soon :)


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