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Jazzberries Taste Like Jazzberries!

Hey, everyone! After a brief break, Seriously Cereal is finally back for 2021! We've got an all-new look, and Seriously Saturday has never looked better ^_^ And with the major changes we've made to the show, obviously this blog will be seeing some new additions, as well! So without further ado, let's get our first proper post of the new year :D

This week's cereal was Crayola Cereal, a "Jazzberry" flavored cereal with a noticeable similarity to jam! Fitting, since the crayon it's named for is, in fact, called "Jazzberry Jam!" (What a jamming flavor, am I right? ;D) Definitely a great cereal to properly start off the year with, as well as a great introduction to this month's overarching theme. :)

But wait a second, you already know all this if you've watched the episode, right? And this blog isn't about things you already know! Well, don't worry, because now we're at the fun part of today's post ^_^

Because, like we said in this week's episode, in each new blog we're going to be featuring super fun and creative activities related to the day's cereal! In addition, if you send us a message or story through our new "Contact Us" tab on our homepage, or by commenting on our most recent blog post (in this case, the one you're reading right now :D), you'll receive a personal reply from our favorite mascot duo, Spoony and Bowler! ^_^

It's important to us that fans of Seriously Cereal can both express themselves through creativity, and also be able to share their stories with their fellow viewers. And with these changes to the blog, it's our hope that we'll provide the resources to make that a reality :)

To celebrate Crayola inspiring creativity for nearly one hundred years, we're sharing some fun activities you can do with crayons beyond simply coloring! All links shared here are Seriously Cereal approved, so check them out and have fun! :D

Crayon Sun Catchers

Crayon Lip Gloss

Crayon Clay

Crayon Candles

Thanks for reading today's post, everyone! Have a great Seriously Saturday, and I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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