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Ice Pops In AUTUMN?! (Sorta Cereal!)

Remember when we thought Froot Loops Pop Tarts were just the strangest thing? Well, apparently Froot Loops was determined to top that, because now, they've apparently decided to delve into the world of just desserts best served cold... i.e. Froot Loops Popsicles! O_O

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So, yeah, uh... when it came to desserts flavored like cereals, popsicles was probably the last thing I expected to see with a cereal variation. Or, more accurately, I had never imagined in my life that this was even possible! Like, Froot Loops Ice Cream, maybe, but popsicles? How's that even possible?

Well, apparently Kellogg's has set out to reveal the answer. And the Froot Loops brand and Toucan Sam (heh, that almost rhymed XP) is smack-dab on the front of the box, so this isn't any generic "Fruity Rings" flavor, either. And, to be fair, their Pop Tarts did capture their flavor very well... who knows, maybe this is less impossible than I've been thinking?

And, yes, to answer the title: We did, indeed, record this episode in the chill of Autumn. But, for the sake of being serious about cereal, Jennifer and I were willing to take the fall.

Heh, get the pun there? ;3

Aaaannnyway, this one was definitely an interesting sweet treat for October! And next week, we'll be posting a special, seasonal review on the spookiest day itself! Guess Halloween wanted to get in on Seriously Saturday, too :D

And on that note, have an excellent Seriously Saturday yourself, as well :) I'll talk with you again soon; in the meantime, I still need to figure out what to name that carrot....


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