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Here Comes A New Challenger! (All-New VS Mode!)

So, what was I doing this weekend?

I think this image speaks for itself ;)

And this week's VS Mode isn't your typical VS Mode, either! For this episode is all about firsts; not only is it Jennifer's first time filming in a VS Mode, but it's also the first episode where we're revisiting a cereal we've already covered! It's no secret that there are countless "off-brand" renditions of well-known cereal brands. But in some cases, a cereal can actually have two or three different imitations to its name!

The last time the Cap'n was featured in a VS Mode, it was paired with Malt O' Meal's "Berry Colossal Crunch." (that name still bugs me btw XP) This time, we're pitting Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries against Safeway's store-brand take on the classic-- Signature Select's Berry Crackles!

Just look at that sea serpent, isn't he adorable? ^_^

So which of these crunchy contenders will reign supreme? And will I even be able to review them if all my late nights of editing keep making me yawn? You can find out both of these answers at, but remember: Staying up late... isn't all it's cracked up to be XD

Fun fact: Cap'n Crunch recently had a special offer where you could scan a code on the boxes to get one of three special figurines of the Captain himself. However, buying your Cap'n Crunch from Walmart allowed you to also pick a fourth, exclusive figurine! So, since it's relevant, for today's question I'd like to ask you all what your favorite of the figurines was?

Now, as tempting as it is to pick the Captain at the wheel of a ship, standing on a treasure chest, or even the exclusive figurine featuring him looking through a spyglass... I gotta go with the Captain lounging on a sun chair.

He likes sleeping. Like me ;D


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