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Happy Hearts and... Banana Bran? :|

Yeah, this week's cereals are once again very strange, not because of their flavor, but because of their concept. And this time, Faith and Brianne are in charge of giving them a try, so let's go over what they're up against! ^_^

Let's start with the slightly more mundane first episode: Cheerios, with Happy Heart Shapes! <3

...Annnnd yeah, that's about it. These are apparently just Cheerios, shaped like hearts. Tbh, isn't "happy heart shapes" a bit redundant? I mean, when you see a heart, you don't really think of unhappiness and horror... what would an "unhappy heart" even look like? ^_^;

Well, anyway, this limited edition cereal came out around Valentine's, but we've still been seeing them in our local stores. Maybe it's just extra stock? But regardless, any time or day is a great time for spreading some happiness, so we're looking at it now to make everyone's morning just a little better ^_^ And you can find the episode proper right here:

And now for this week's second cereal: Raisin Bran... with Bananas! o_o

Yeah, I think it should be obvious that, as someone who... isn't really the biggest fan of fruit, that I was very glad to not have to cover this particular cereal XD

I mean, even disregarding my personal tastes, this is such a bizarre concept! Raisin Bran is great on its own; why fix what isn't broken, and why by adding bananas of all things? I dunno, this just doesn't seem like a good flavor combination in my opinion :/

But hey, my opinions don't matter here; I'm not the one trying this cereal! ;D So what did Brianne and Faith think of it? You can find out at

Alright, that's it for episodes this week! I'll talk with you all again this Wednesday :) Take care of yourselves, and I'll see you then ^_^


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