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Golden Grahams Redemption!

I'm sure some of you will recall our last look at Golden Grahams didn't go very well-- at least, not from a marketing standpoint. And to be totally fair, I know that's kind of a divisive statement, but it really was incredibly blatant :/ However, our review of the original Golden Grahams ended with a pretty average score, and despite its questionable marketing angle, """Retro Recipe""" was an alright addition to the Golden Grahams family.

So now, Golden Grahams is out to finally get those Spoons, by entering the (Sorta) Cereal scene with Golden Grahams Treats! And just for those extra points, they're taking some cues from a campfire classic, as well!

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Actually, since Sorta Cereals don't usually use Spoons, I guess that opening paragraph doesn't really work, huh? ^_^;

Either way, after being the graham cracker substitute in the S'Mores cereal, apparently Golden Grahams called in a favor. For their first foray into the world of cereal bars, they're going for a S'Mores theme! And that means little chocolate chips and marshmallows galore! Nothing too out there for a cereal bar, but a tasty combination nevertheless! :D

Going into this episode, I'd definitely say I was optimistic. As someone whose go-to snacks for roadtrips include chocolate chip granola bars, the full s'mores experience in a compact bar sounded right up my alley. It also helped that, while probably not one of our personal favorite cereals, Golden Grahams actually aren't half bad, either. Using them as the base for a cereal bar seemed about as good an idea as using actual graham crackers to offset the chocolate and marshmallow of proper s'mores... i.e. pretty darn good ;)

As opposed to last time, this box being a 16-pack had the plus of being "pantry safe." And while you'd think all boxes would be pantry safe by default, this particular case meant that it had a convenient pull-away tab. That way, you could store the bars all together, almost like you had a little convenience store candy bar display right in your own home.

Honestly it felt kind of redundant when the box could also open normally, but it did provide a few wAcKy moments, so I can't complain :3

All in all, definitely a welcome addition to the cereal bar world; it might not get the Spoons, but you can bet it'll be getting all the Bars. Cereal bars. Because that's the image I used for the score :P

Before I wrap this up, I'd like to give one more reminder that, if you're a supporter of the show, be sure to check your email; November's certificate featuring Spoony and Bowler has been sent out, and I'd hate for anyone to miss out. Seriously Cereal's about spreading love and acceptance, and I want our supporters to be able to claim all their certificates for helping to keep that message going strong ^_^

Anyway, that's it for this week. If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to sign in and leave a comment below. Have a fantastic Seriously Saturday; I'll talk with you again soon :)


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