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Goals to Aim For!

First off, I'd like to give a huge thank you to David McCulloch and Kristie Gronberg for re upping their pledges; our monthly total has now $205.44! Welcome back to the Seriously Cereal family ^_^

And speaking of pledges, today I'd like to talk about our redone pledge goals! :D

...Though, first, I should probably go over our decision in regards to last week's question ^_^; After a quick talk, Jennifer and I have decided that we want to buy a specific brand for one of the planned reviews, so that means we're left with just one remaining hot cereal review. We've currently filmed all the episodes for this month, so that means you can expect this episode to post early this upcoming May. We may no longer all be Spooners in Wintertime, but that doesn't mean a hot cereal isn't a nice treat every now and then ^_^

Now, back to today's topic! XD As you all probably know by now, we were originally on Patreon, which meant we had stretch goals for reaching a certain total each month. Now that we've moved to this website (thanks again to Jennifer for all her hard work <3), we've narrowed down our stretch goals, and completely revamped their actual contents to better fit our currently goals for Seriously Cereal and Create4U :)

And it makes me incredibly proud to say that we're already closing in on the first goal, $250 a month! When we reach this goal, we'll celebrate with an extra special episode of Seriously Cereal; we don't know exactly what that will be at the moment, but trust me: When we plan special episodes, we plan BIG ;D In addition, all the current backers will receive an extra certificate to celebrate helping us reaching this milestone ^_^

Not too shabby for the first goal, huh? And that brings us to our second goal (one I'm personally very excited about): $500 a month. When we reach this goal, we'll continue posting eight episodes a month (two every weekend), as usual... but we'll also post a monthly animated special featuring Spoony and Bowler! :D

Yes, this goal should definite sound familiar to longtime backers, and unlike back in our Patreon days, we've decided to move it up to make sure that our total stays at the goal; no more slipping back under after a day! ^_^; Honestly, I'm really looking forward to us reaching this goal, as I've wanted to try my hand at a proper animated series for quite a while, and already have several styles I want to experiment with. And I think Spoony and Bowler being my first step into that world seems like a perfect fit :)

And finally, our ultimate goal: $1000 a month. With this amount, in addition to the Seriously Cereal we'll post with the previous goal, we'll also finally be able to resume weekly uploads of Create4U series, such as Space Marines, Temporal Outlaws, Ghost Gang and more! Now this is long overdue, and I truly hope that we can reach this goal in the near future. I know so many of you have been waiting expectantly for these series to continue, and it's been incredibly hard for me not being able to work on bringing these episodes into their final forms :( But rest assured, these episodes are set to be our biggest ones yet, and when we reach this goal, I will give my 150% to make them the best they can possibly be ^_^

So, yeah! Those are our current stretch goals! And for this week's question, I'd like to ask you all if you have any ideas for additional ones; maybe we could do a special episode for $750? Or some smaller goals spread out along the way? Who knows; I'd love to hear from you ^_^ Just comment below this post if you have any suggestions, and I'll talk about them next week!

And with that, I'll talk with you again tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone; take care :)


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