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Fruit Delights to Start the Week Right! :D

Alright, so our most recent episodes may not have necessarily been the most out there in terms of flavors, but these were still two pretty neat cereals if I do say so myself! So, since we at Blue Forge are all about bringing back positivity in regards to Mondays, let's start this week off right, and talk about two crazy fruit flavors Faith and I got to try this weekend! :D

First up is the comparatively more normal flavor of the two, with the much stranger name: Blueberry Muffin Toasters! Yes: Blueberry Muffin! O_O

For anyone not aware, Cinnamon Toasters are Malt-O-Meal's answer to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Recently, however, we stumbled upon this flavor that we'd never seen before... and I'll admit, how specific the flavor was alone had me hooked. Blueberry Muffin Toasters... how would you even go about replicating such a well-known flavor like that in cereal form? Well, that's what Faith and I aimed to find out in this very episode, so go to and see how this classic pastry made the jump into the cereal world! ^_^

And as for our second cereal for this week, it's another "filled" cereal... but now with a new brand! It's Mixed Berry Filled Frosted Mini Wheats! Again, how would that even work?! DX

Despite the structure of Frosted Mini Wheats alone making it seem like this concept would just lead to the filling oozing out, Kellogg's boasts that, with this new product, apparently they've done the impossible! But making the cereal actually stay together is one thing; can they truly do the impossible and give us the first filled cereal that we unanimously like? Find out for yourself at

So, yeah! These may not be the most crazy cereals we've reviewed on the show, but they're definitely not your average Cheerios either! So what're you waiting for? Pick an episode and head over, maybe even grab yourself a bowl of cereal to enjoy while you watch! Just like cereal in the morning kickstarts your day, these episodes are guaranteed to start your week off on a high note ^_^


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