• Maxwell DiMarco

Feast in Progress! Come Join In! ^_^

Alrighty, as of today, the Digital Feast of Words is officially a go! :D From this day on, we'll be posting a daily video featuring one of our artisans talking about their products, and what their work means to them ^_^

For this Feast, I discussed Seriously Cereal as a whole, including its message of acceptance and its mission to provide YouTube with truly family-friendly content :) This video will be tomorrow at 4pm, so make sure to keep an eye out for it at Blue Forge Films along with this week's episodes! :D This is shaping up to be a wonderful, creative event that we'd love to make a regular thing ^_^

On that note, we'd really appreciate your help getting the word out! We've already been very impressed with the currently participating artisans' efforts to spread the word, and with all successful campaigns, the more people sharing links, the better! As of April 24th (hey, that's today ;D), there's only one video posted, but like I said, new ones will be going up every day. To see all the currently available videos, you can go to; then, simply copy the URL of the video you'd like to promote, and post it wherever you think will help most! It's that simple ^_^

A note, though: Please do not simply share the link to where we have all the videos. Many social media websites give pop-up warnings in regards to condensed links - such as those used by - which can make people think these links could potentially be viruses-- which, obviously, they're most certainly not ^_^; In contrast, video embedding isn't seen as an issue, so please only link to one specific video; people can search out the others if it peeks their interest :)

On the subject of videos, I'd also like to stress that any Blue Forge artisans that would like to participate are welcome to send in a video of them discussing their products and/or brand as well! Originally, we only allowed artisans that currently had stock of their products, but thanks to working out a deal with Amazon, everyone is now free to join... and I do mean free, for as long as you're a Blue Forge artisan, there's no entry fee whatsoever ^_^

If you'd like to participate, but don't know how to format your video or how much time to devote to a topic, then go to There, Jennifer has written an example script detailing how to best pace your video, as well as the general ideas you want to convey to the viewer. These videos are completely unscripted so that viewers can learn about a brand in the creator's own words; the only important thing is, by the end of the video, a viewer should want to buy your products!

As, hopefully, all good product pitches should do by default XD

So there you have it! This event is running indefinitely, so don't worry about getting to this too late; the only bad time to help promote creativity is to never promote it at all ^_^


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