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Everyone's Dream Come True! (Fan Submitted "Cereal!") :D

You know, it's episodes like this that make me glad to be able to host Seriously Cereal ^_^

...Not because today's cereal is Marshmallow Madness, by the way. Though, that admittedly is kind of a plus in its own right. The real reason this cereal makes me so happy, is that it was graciously donated to us by a fan! And in fact, it's a fan I'm sure you all remember from our VS Mode on Raisin Bran: Jessica! :D

After hearing about our love for marshmallows (and Brianne's tendency to steal said marshmallows when she was younger ;) ), Jessica found this box of pure marshmallow-y goodness while on a trip to Universal Studios. And now, she's sent a box to us to review, and make our sweetest dreams come true! Thank you so much, Jessica; we're happy to be able to review this wonderful gift <3

Episode link:

First, I've got to repeat, that I love how self-aware this box is XD From it boasting that there's "Absolutely No Nutritional Value Added," to even the brand itself being literally called "It'Sugar," this seems like a sight gag right out of a Saturday morning cartoon brought to life. And when dealing with what's basically every kid ever's dream cereal, I'd say that's the right way to go ^_^

I'll definitely say now, though, that should you get a chance to try this cereal yourself... do not follow the given serving instructions. I might have a bit of a sweet tooth myself, but no responsible serving is half a box of marshmallows. Seriously, kids and adults alike: Proceed with caution ^_^;

Not gonna lie, folks, this episode made me want to add a new character to the Spoony and Bowler 'verse just to offset how unhealthy this episode was! As the host of a family-friendly show, I honestly kind of feel obligated to after this ^_^; Like, maybe they could be a carrot character, who could enjoy healthier cereals... couldn't really think of a name, though, :<

If you've got any suggestions, feel free to let me know; you might just see the name you pick used for a future supporter certificate :D

Carrots and questionable serving sizes aside, though, this was definitely a great pick to kick off this month of scares and sweets. I know if there's ever a cereal I feel needs more marshmallows, I've now have the cereal repair kit to fix it ;D Next week, though, I thiiiink we're going to have to review something a little less sweet. At least to balance things out, you know? But after that, well... really, who knows what strange and bizarre cereals could appear on a dark and stormy night??

I do, and let me give a friendly warning: They're going to be seriously crazy ;D

Have a great Seriously Saturday, everyone, and I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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