• Maxwell DiMarco

Episode Links For All! ^_^

Hope you all had a good weekend; two new episodes went up Sunday, including the first official episode of Seriously (Sorta) Cereal! ...Which, I thought I’d refer to as simply “(Sorta) Cereal” from now on. Saves time, y’know? XD

Anyway, the first episode we’re talking about is a second return to a childhood classic: Cinnamon Puffins! After our last episode on the original flavor of Puffins proved disappointing, we wondered if it was actually the cinnamon variety we were remembering... hence, this episode right here! It’s been a long time coming (Puffins are hard to find!), but can Faith and I finally rediscover this beloved cereal from our past? See for yourself at

Now, I don’t want to call it the ”main event,“ as a return to Puffins was also heavily anticipated, but it’s time for the episode that’s been on everyone’s minds: Our review of the Froot Loops Peep Pop! And this is exactly what it sounds like: It’s four marshmallow Peep chicks on a stick, that supposedly taste like Froot Loops! And yes, I may not be a big fan of the original cereal, but this was just too intriguing to pass up (curse my cereal-based curiosity)! So, does this capture the flavor of everyone’s favorite “Froot” cereal? Take a look for yourself at

I’ll talk with you again tomorrow; take care, everyone ^_^


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