• Maxwell DiMarco

Episode Delay :(

Hey, folks. I’m sorry to say that this week’s episodes will be pushed back to Sunday. There was a scheduling problem, and we’re more or less running a day behind right now. This sort of thing does happen, but I’m still very sorry for the delay :(

To make it up to all of you, though, I’m going to reveal the identity of the first product we’re reviewing for Seriously (Sorta) Cereal: The Froot Loops Peep Pop! :D

Patrons who followed my email have know this for a while, but I felt like it was only fair that I reveal it publicly as a consolation for the wait. Kind of weird how both products that have been featured on Seriously (Sorta) Cereal thus far have been marshmallows, huh? ^_^

I hope you all understand, and hopefully the quality of these episodes will make them worth the wait :) Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk with you again next Monday.

- - Maxwell

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