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Who Put An Elf on the Cereal Shelf?? O_O;

Elf on the Shelf... a longtime holiday tradition, apparently specifically designed to freak out kids. ...Or maybe that's just how Faith and I react to it ^_^;

Okay but seriously, I know I'd have been freaked out by this magically moving elf when I was younger! Like, everyone knows Santa's watching all year round, but who invited this elf into our home? Why are they suddenly allowed to just crash on our shelves during December? More judgement from some freaky teleporting elf was not on my gift list; I never asked for this, Santa! D:

Nevertheless, in what I can only assume is through the powers of unspeakable dark magics, since 2019 the Elves of the Shelves have been working with Kellogg's putting out cereals with their Uncanny Valley mugs slapped on the box. And this Seriously Saturday, Faith and I looked at this year's cereal: Elf on the Shelf Vanilla Candy Cane Cookie cereal.

Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it :P

Episode link:

Now, though a Candy Cane flavored cereal seems pretty out there on paper, going into this episode I actually wasn't as nervous as you might expect. Some of you might recall Faith and I having previously reviewed the two varieties of Drumstick cereal-- one of which was Mint Chocolate flavored. And that actually didn't turn out too bad! So in the case of today's cereal, it was less the flavors themselves that peaked my curiosity, as for how many flavors there were.

I mean, the last Elf on the Shelf Cereal we tried was just "Sugar Cookie" flavored, with some basic cereal marshmallows thrown in for good measure. This, on the other hand, had three flavors in play, and still had the marshmallows on top of that! Trying to live up to a flavor is one thing; it's another thing entirely to try and match three iconic holiday flavors in one! O_O

Also, on another note... you'll actually notice this during the episode, but literally everyone in this household has been saying "Elf on a Shelf" for years. But a quick search is all it takes to show it's actually been Elf on the Shelf all along. So yeah, as I'm writing this I'm processing a seriously shocking realization ^_^;

Without spoiling anything if you haven't watched the episode, I'll at least say that, should the elves release a new cereal in 2021, they should really cut back on the number of flavors they try to incorporate into the cereal pieces. Focusing on perfecting one flavor - or at least one flavor per piece of cereal - is really best; trying to throw too much into one cereal will only overwhelm your (both figurative and literal) consumers, whether a Snacker or a Spooner.

But, flavors aside... having flavored marshmallows actually was a pretty nice touch. More cereals should experiment with that. So props to the Elves for that, I guess :3

Anyway, that's it for this week. If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to sign in and leave a comment below. And if you're a supporter, keep your eyes on your inbox these upcoming days; December's certificate is nearly complete, and it's sure to bring some holiday cheer into your home ^_^

Have a fantastic Seriously Saturday, and happy holidays; I'll talk with you again soon :)


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