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Dunkaroos are Dunkagross :<

Have you ever had those little packs of crackers and cheese dip? Well, back in the day, (even before I was born!), Betty Crocker sold a similar pack of cookies, called Dunkaroos. Named for their kangaroo mascots, this was a small pack of super-sugary cookies, with icing and sprinkles to dip them in. It goes without saying that these cookies became rather infamous, and eventually, Betty Crocker discontinued them.

A decision which I fully support; I mean, I like sugary cookies in moderation, but that’s too much sugar to moderate in the first place! D:

However, just last year in 2020, General Mills (which owns Betty Crocker) has made an effort to bring back these cookies… now in the form of a just slightly-less-sugary cereal. And today, a super secret surprise guest and I are setting out to learn if this revival can redeem the Dunkaroos name.

Episode link:

Even though I never had Dunkaroos back in the day (thanks for looking out for me, Mom ^_^), this is definitely a topic Spoony and Bowler have a lot to say about. If you’d like to discuss your Dunkaroos opinions or memories, feel free to send us a message, or comment on this post! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours; we’re always happy to chat :)

Thank you all for waiting for our special guest to arrive, everyone! It was pretty hard to schedule him, but we both think the final episode made it all worth it ^_^

Faith and I will be back next Saturday with an-all new episode at 11am Pacific Standard time. Have a great Seriously Thursday, and I'll talk with you again soon...

...with the special bonus of having actual alliteration for the day ;D


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