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Did You Know Cereal?

Did you know, that our first ever episode of Seriously Cereal was for Pumpkin Spice Special K? It's true! We actually reviewed it a second time as part of our "Revisited" series, which actually lead to a pleasant surprise ^_^

And speaking of firsts, Special K also featured in our first ever Versus Mode, guest starring Blue Forge actor Angie Faro! That episode featured what's arguably Special K's most iconic variation: Special K Red Berries, going up against its Great Value counterpart, Strawberry Awake!

And yet, despite it all... somehow, we've never given the original, plain flavor of Special K a proper review! What even is that?! O_O

Well, today, Faith and I say: "No more!" It's time to take a look at the classic exceptional letter: aka, the Original Special K! :D

Have an episode link!

Now, though the front of the box boasts that its contents are "toasted rice cereal," it should be noted that Special K is not solely a rice-based cereal; right after rice, its next three ingredients are literally "whole wheat, whole grain oat flour, and wheat protein." Yeah, definitely not a wheat free option! ^_^;

Now, this isn't necessarily why Special K finds it way into our household so infrequently-- spoilers, we actually never checked until this episode! O_O Rather, our family personally prefers Corn Flakes or Frosted Flakes as our breakfast cereal of choice. Corn Chex are also my personal jam.

What can we say, we're pretty corny all around ;)

So, given that when we do get Special K, it's either a seasonal flavor or its Strawberry - er, "Red Berry" - version, with context it's not hard to believe we went this long without featuring the original... it is, however, kiiiiiiiind of an oversight for a show about cereal, hence its appearance on the show today :P

By the by, this was the cereal I was referring to in last week's blog post; I definitely felt like we needed a healthier cereal to offset last week's sugar fest, even if it was fitting for October ^_^; So hopefully, this will allow everyone's sweet tooth a little break... now that I think of it, I still need to find a name for that carrot character, too... (thoughtful noises)

Next week, though, we're jumping right back into the sweetness of the spooky season! And I'm bringing Jennifer onto the show to help review it! It's sure to be one truly unique cereal... well, sorta, anyway ;)

As always, have a great Seriously Saturday, folks, and I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


PS: Hope you enjoyed the gaming channel references early on in this post; I was pretty happy with 'em, personally :3

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