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Crunchy, Creepy Cinnamon Cereals! (+September Certificate!)

Once again, I'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped us track down Minecraft Creeper Crunch! Finding this cereal was next to impossible, but thanks to you, we were able to find the best places to pick up a box, and now our review is finally here ^_^

If you'd like to help us find some more cereals, don't forget that we're currently looking for Strawberry Life and Vanilla Life! You can look for details on how you can help here: and here:, respectively <3

With that said, though, we're also bringing you an all-new (Sorta) Cereal as well as Minecraft Creeper Crunch, and our monthly certificate is done, as well! So if you're a supporter of the show, check your inbox; chances are by the time you read this, you'll have a wonderful illustration waiting for you :)

And if all that wasn't enough, guess who I'm reviewing these cereals with...? Yep, you guessed it: Jennifer is back once again this week! It's another mother and sloth team-up, and really you can never get enough of those :D And on that note, let's jump right into the first episode for the week: Cinnamon Toast Crunch... Soft Baked Bars!


I See, there's the thumbnail right there :P I


Episode link:

If you're having a little Deja Vu right now, don't worry: I was the same way, to be honest! Because it's very true that we've tried a "Cinnamon Toast Crunch bar" of sorts, with Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats! (viewable right here, btw: Despite the name, those were more akin to what Jennifer's generation would have called "cereal bars," as opposed to the Krispie Treats we all know and love. These soft baked bars, in comparison, share more similarities with Fiber 1 bars-- a treat I personally like very much, mind you :3

Unlike the "Treats," these bars are more based on its namesake cereal, rather than being made of them. But we're definitely no stranger to that sort of thing when it comes to cereal-- last I checked, Chicken and Waffles cereal wasn't actually made of chicken and waffles ;D So, going into this episode these bars felt both familiar, and new at the same time.

...That makes no sense whatsoever. The inner workings of my mind, folks XD

One thing I'm curious about, though, is whether or not we'll see "soft baked bars" made for other cereals! Seems like an interesting concept to explore, honestly... maybe we could get an Apple Jacks bar, with some cinnamon and apple flavors going on? Or a Cap'n Crunch bar, with little sweet "crunch berries" baked into the dough?

...Or maybe I'll get unlucky and get a Froot Loops bar. That cereal is being made into everything these days ^_^;

And now, it's time for the moment you've been waiting for!

Minecraft Creeper Crunch!

Episode link:

Yes, this one was a loooong time coming! And as someone who loves Minecraft, being unable to find a box of this cereal was seriously sad! D: But you all pulled through once again, and now we have a box all our own... and boy, do I have a lot to say about this one.

The first time I played Minecraft was back in 2011; the mobile version, to be precise. And even in such a comparatively limited version of the game, I loved the creative possibilities it brought. As a kid, I always had a blast with "make your own level" features in games. So now, there was a whole game based on that concept? Heck yeah, this is awesome! ^_^

Faith and I used to make "play worlds," where we'd hop into creative mode and let our imaginations go wild. Often, this involved Faith making "Redstone Hotels," which were her own in-universe chain of hotels. After a while they got - no pun intended - pretty creative, as well! There was one built on a cloud made of wool, one made on a platform over a lake, one that was built into the side of a hill-- I mean, I'd definitely stay at these places :D

Me, meanwhile... I'd try to build a gratuitous McDonalds in every world we made XP

So yeah, this is a household that loves Minecraft, and all of us have made some really cool projects (I swear I did more than build fast food establishments ^_^; ) at one point or another. So my biggest fear going into this cereal, was that we'd get another Funko situation. i.e, a tie-in for a brand we loved, with a cereal that was the complete opposite. But, at the very least, the lack of dye gave me some hope-- as well as that adorable box. I mean, look at that Creeper face, don't ya' want to give it a hug ^_^

Okay maybe not that, because then it'd probably explode. But you could probably add it to your free-range Creeper Ranch, like what Faith did... or maybe make a McDonalds for them??? :3

...If you couldn't tell by now, mundane locales in otherwise fantastical video games are kind of my jam XD

Now, something interesting I noticed about this cereal's marshmallows: On the box, it boasts that it's the colors of the Creeper's pixels. Fair enough, but don't the darker and lighter green kind of remind you of the coloration of a Minecraft Zombie and Slime, respectively? And sure, I guess that maybe eating a zombie or slime isn't very appetizing, but to be fair, neither is eating some weird exploding plant-thingy!

Oh, Creeper, why are you such a bizarre creature?

And why won't you go to my Minecraft McDonalds-- okay I'll stop now xD

This is definitely one cereal that Jennifer and I were looking forward to, so thanks once again to everyone who helped us track it down. Minecraft is a terrific game for people of all ages, and I'm so happy to be able to share my experiences with it ^_^

Actually, that reminds me... though this month our factoids are for Blue Legacy to celebrate its 31st birthday, I was curious: Do any of you play Minecraft? I'd love to hear about what you guys have created in your own worlds :)

Let me know in the comments for this post; really, I could talk about this game forever, and I'm curious how other people have used this creative tool to bring their dream projects to life.

Maybe someone else out there built a McDonalds after all :3

Have a great Seriously Sunday, everyone; until next time ^_^


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