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Crunchy, Cocoa, Kit Kat Candy Bars! (Candy Bar Feast!)

Cereal Candy Bars-- a pretty classic (Sorta) Cereal concept, I'd say. Even on Seriously Cereal, Faith and I recently tried a Fruity Pebbles Candy Bar, and it got a good score at that! (you can watch for yourself at ^_^)

So, when it came time to finding what Feasts we'd be featuring this month, we had to have an episode dedicated to these tasty rectangles of candy delight. This Seriously Saturday, we're looking at a newcomer to the candy bar scene, a new version of a previous product we've reviewed, and quite possibly the oldest cereal candy bar available... under a new name!

Episode link:

Humorously, the first candy bar of the episode, "Fruity Cereal" Kit Kat, gave me a sense of deja vu in light of our Fruity Pebbles bar review! And the Cocoa Pebbles bar, as well! Thought we'd done a revisited episode by accident for a second! XD

But nah, these are surprisingly both new products. And the Cocoa Pebbles bar was the most surprising; you'd think that they'd release a Cocoa Pebbles bar alongside the Fruity Pebbles one, like they did with the ice creams. Yet, the Cocoa Pebbles bar was only released this year, while Fruity Pebbles's candy Bar was released in 2020. Very strange choice, considering how different their flavors are!

By the by, does anyone else get the impression from the name "Fruity Cereal" Candy Bar, that Kit Kat approached Froot Loops with a brand deal, but got turned down and had to use this more generic phrasing instead? It reminded me of how Cookies & Creme cereals will often feature an Oreo-like cookie, just with incredibly elaborate designs on the cookie instead of Oreo's signature design. Not gonna lie, I still find it pretty humorous XP

What wasn't humorous, though, was what I found out about the Crunch Bar's brand this episode! We go over the details in the episode proper, and let me say that this was definitely news to me! I guess it goes to show how often I pick out Crunch Bars, huh? ^_^;

All that said, I've been very happy with these most recent Feasts. Not every product has been a big winner, but we've still been able to try some super unique cereal products. I'd love to return to (Sorta) Cereal in the future, so if you've tried or seen any cool (Sorta) Cereals out in the world, be sure to let me know! Post a comment on this blog, and within 24 hours I'll read it, and write you back. Same goes for if you leave a question for Spoony & Bowler, of course! We're always happy to chat :)

Have a fantastic Seriously Saturday, everyone! I'll talk with you again soon ^_^


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