• Maxwell DiMarco

Coming Soon

Hi, everyone! This is Jennifer, one of Maxwell's moms :) Maxwell has an incredibly special episode for you this week but it's super complicated and super amazing.

So far, Maxwell has spent almost forty hours editing the episode -- and that doesn't count the hours it took to write or film the episode or the hours Maxwell spent on his other normal work. And the episode is only about a third complete.

To keep Maxwell healthy and strong, he's going to take two days off and then return to this special episode. It will post for everyone to see next week... and we'll have three more episodes that post on Saturdays in February so we'll still have four episodes this month :)

Thank you all for your patience and for supporting the new look and feel and sound of the show! Your feedback and praise has been so welcome and it really reminds us why we make Seriously Cereal in the first place.


P.S. Can you guess who the special guest will be when the amazing episode posts? ;)

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