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Cereal Bars 2.0! (Sorta Cereal!)

Have to admit: Even after all the weird and wacky sorta cereals we've looked at so far, the idea of a cereal candy bar still seemed bizarre to me. I mean, how would you even incorporate something as typically crunchy like cereal into a chewy chocolate bar form?

Well, today, Fruity Pebbles intends to find out.

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To kick things off, I should specify that this isn't actually a traditional chocolate bar; if anything, it's a white chocolate bar, with pieces of fruity pebbles mixed in. And the only reason I don't say "white chocolate" straight up, is because the wrapper itself describes it as a "white coating."

Yeah... not really sure what to say about that. That's just a weird choice on their part : |

That aside, though, a white chocolate/fruity pebbles combination seemed about right for candy bar materiel; a small, yet sweet cereal with a very distinct taste, paired with a base of sorts that wouldn't overpower it like a dark chocolate bar would. The issue was, would this combination render it too sweet? After all, what I look for in a chocolate bar is the contrast between the slightly bitter chocolate and the sweetness of its other aspects, so taking that away could prove problematic in practice.

Plus, Malt O' Meal's Fruity Dino-Bites are objectively superior to Fruity Pebbles, but that's just me ;)

You know, the one thing I always think about Fruity Pebbles, is how interesting it is that it's still associated with the Flintstones after all these years. Like, talk about a brand deal gone right! The original show ended decades ago, yet through this cereal, the Flintstones brand lives on. Guess it goes to show what happens when you take cereal seriously, eh?

Oh, just a reminder before I go: This might be old news to you, but if you're a Seriously Cereal supporter, don't forget to check your email; the November Certificate has already been sent out, and this month's illustration is pretty good if I dare say so myself! ^_^

Anyway, that's it for this week. If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to sign in and leave a comment below. Have a fantastic Seriously Saturday; I'll talk with you again soon :)


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